Good afternoon, dear parents!

This is to inform you that Miras International school will continue its work in the distant learning mode from Monday 30th March.

Distant learning and communication with parents and students at the Primary School will be delivered through e-mails in Outlook and WhatsApp messenger.  Home room teachers will send the schedule of lessons, individual consultations and tasks to your e-mail addresses.
Teachers will conduct distant lessons every day from Monday till Friday from 10.00 till 11.30 a.m., approximate duration of the lesson is 25 minutes. Time for individual consultations is from 1 till 4.30 p.m.
Secondary School students will continue their learning by means of Microsoft Teams and the Managebac programme. Secondary school teachers will conduct on-line lessons, individual and group consultations according to a specially designed schedule.
The school administration and homeroom teachers will inform you of any questions regarding the school’s new regime of work.
Despite all problems with the current situation, the school strives to organize the educational process as effectively as possible. With this in view the school trusts for your help, support and our mutual collaboration which are very important in maintaining the health of our children. 
While organizing its educational process the school will follow prescribed recommendations for on-screen work: KG, grades 1-2 - 1,5 hours; grades 3-5 - 2 hours; grades 6-9 -3 hours; grades 10-12 - 4 hours a day. Please, contact your homeroom teachers or subject teacher, if you need to modify the homework volume for your child.

Encourage your child to alternate lessons in front of the computer with active types of activities like exercises or warm-up activities. Our teachers will also help students with this.

We sincerely wish the best of health for you and your relatives!

Respectfully yours,
School Administration